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Sunday, 25 September 2011

Symbian hacks alive and kicking: Norton, DrWeb, TrendMicro, and UMU let you hack your Nokia or SonyEricsson without certificates

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Hacking Symbian used to be so easy. You'd download a hacking app, sign it with a certificate that you could pick up from many Symbian forums and other sites, and your phone would be all yours.

But then Nokia cracked down on developer certificates. If you still have an old developer certificate you can use it, but since they're tied to your IMEI you can only use it on the phone for which the certificate was originally created.

Of course the hackers always win. You can flash your phone with hacked firmware, or can can use a loophole in Norton Security, DrWeb, TrendMicro, and UMU.

Yes, that's right. Antivirus programs let you break and enter Symbian! Just download the Norton hack (or one of the other hacks), apply it, and then install ROMPatcher to get into the parts of your phone that Nokia doesn't want you to enter. You don't even need to sign the hacked sis files, just install and run and you're in.

So if you found an old Nokia in the basement, blow off the dust and hack it back to life. S60v3, S60v5, Symbian^3, anything goes. If you found an old SonyEricsson then the UMU hack is your friend.

The antivirus hacks for Nokia:

Hack Symbian with Norton (CODeRUS)
Hack Symbian with Norton (symbian freak)

Hack Symbian with DrWeb (CODeRUS)
Hack Symbian with DrWeb (symbian freak)

Hack Symbian with Trend Micro (CODeRUS)
Hack Symbian with Trend Micro (symbian freak)

The antivirus hack for Nokia and SonyEricsson:

Hack Symbian with UMU, SonyEricsson too (CODeRUS)
Hack Symbian with UMU, SonyEricsson too (symbian freak)

More hacks:

index of Symbian hacks (symbian underground)

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Ali said...

Helo all
Dear admin i downloaded norton hack but wen i instal it and open it .it says liciense expired renew licience .plz help me my mail is bye